Jost House

Jost House Offers you another era, yours to explore and enjoy!

This house is one of the oldest remaining wooden buildings in Colonial Sydney.  The building illustrates an important local theme of change in Sydney’s historic North End; an evolution from commercial use to commercial/residential and then to purely residential use.

Samuel Sparrow, merchant and ship owner possessed the property from 1786 to 1787.  The basement has been restored to his original 18th century kitchen with a cooking fireplace, a separate beehive bake-oven and an overhead ceiling pastured between the supporting beams.  The museum collects historical artifacts for this area and research on the Sparrow era in the house and on his relationship with Governor Desbarres is continuous.

Thomas Jost, a Halifax merchant, bought the property in 1836 and his decedents remained there until 1971.  Historical Victorian artifacts for the ground floor bedroom, parlour, dining room and store (until 1853) are being collected.  In the early 1900s the roof was raised and the second floor extended to included bedrooms and bath.  Here the museum exhibits collections of local Cape Breton interest, which includes an apothecary that preserves an assortment of medicinals used in the early 20th century.  A display of apparatus and utensils used in the compounding of prescriptions also form part of this exhibit.  Interest runs high at times when live “on the site” demonstrations take place!

The Marine Room reflects our maritime past with a display of historical text and a collection of models of vessels, which includes the Newfoundland Ferry Caribou.


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